Welcome and Introduction

Hello whoever may be reading this,

Firstly, thank you for taking even the smallest amount of time out of your day to read this, and I hope I can entertain you in the short amount of time I have before both my and your attention span fades.  My name is Matthew Sims, I am 18 going on 19, single, living in the outskirts of Melbourne.  I am currently a first-year undergraduate at Monash University, studying in Journalism.  Therefore, this blog is an attempt to be semi-professional and “get myself out there” (if you will), although, I have wanted to do something like this for a long time.

I am interested in films, TV shows, books, music, video games, and general world issues, and thus, this blog will most likely revolve around these, or they could just be rants.  I don’t know where this will go, or if anyone will even read it.  So, I guess you can expect movie reviews of movies I have recently seen (either old or new), TV show discussions, book reviews, rants about what annoys me and makes me happy, and general expression of who I am.

I hope that you will continue to read my blogs, and possibly contribute to the community I wish to incite.


Matthew Sims (Simzy)


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